What's Your Money Personality?

Take the quiz and find out what your money personality is, and understand the potential blindspots you may have and how you can be more effective with your finances!

Discover My Money Personality!

This money personality quiz was created because we truly believe in the importance of having robust financial health, which starts with awareness. Yet much well-meaning tips and advice you hear about or read about could disregard your own habits and thoughts, which makes it tough to follow. Our belief is that there is no one size fits all when it comes to your finances, so let’s first find out more about your money personality, so you can appreciate tips and pointers applicable to the way you are and your money habits!

Question 1 out of 18
You just won $500! What will you do?
Question 2 out of 18
If you realize you're broke, you will ...
Question 3 out of 18
You check your bank balance ...
Question 4 out of 18
Spending money makes you feel ...
Question 5 out of 18
If your friend owes you $100, you will ...
Question 6 out of 18
What best describes the way you think of your financial future?
Question 7 out of 18
Your birthday is coming up! You will ask for ...
Question 8 out of 18
You tend to discuss money issues with ...
Question 9 out of 18
Your significant other is most likely to complain that you are ...
Question 10 out of 18
Most of all, money provides you with ...
Question 11 out of 18
When purchasing a new item such as household appliance, you are likely to ...
Question 12 out of 18
Your friends are splurging for first class, but you're strapped for cash. You will ...
Question 13 out of 18
What's your biggest struggle financially?
Question 14 out of 18
You're turning 55 tomorrow! You will ...
Question 15 out of 18
Which do you feel more drawn towards?
Question 16 out of 18
You've just gotten a 6 month bonus! You will ...
Question 17 out of 18
You often wonder ...
Question 18 out of 18
When seeking financial advice from someone, you would ...

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Disclaimer: This money personality quiz is for general information purposes only. This quiz is not scientific, has not undergone empirical and construct validation. It is not prepared with any particular individual or purpose in mind and does not take into account any investment objectives, financial situation or personal circumstances or needs of any particular individual. The quiz and its result do not constitute investment advice or recommendation. You should not use or rely on the results of this money personality quiz in making any investment or financial decision. You should consult a licensed financial advisor before making any financial decision or if you have any questions.